Kandi Burruss told HipHopWired that she recalls signing a poor deal with So So Def in the platinum-selling group, Xscape.

“When we first signed to So So Def –I may be a little off- I think we only got like $12k to split between the four of us. Our deal was similar [to what TLC had] as far as the point structure. Most artists don’t make any money off of their album sales. 

“I try to look at it from both sides. If you think about, So So Def, they took a chance on signing us. They didn’t know if we was going to blow up. They invested the money, the time and energy; if it wasn’t for that, we wouldn’t have no hit records and we wouldn’t be out there. It could have went the opposite. Maybe it wouldn’t have blown up and they’d just have money down the drain.”