The young lady who got aired out in 2 Chainz’s viral video isn’t happy about the outcome. Tina made her way backstage after one of his concerts and when Cap 1, 2 Chainz’s homeboy, didn’t claim to know her outside of Instagram. After a few minutes, Tina was asked to leave and the whole ordeal had her looking like an extreme groupie. She posted a photo on IG stating that she’s met with her attorney to sue 2 Chainz.

She asked her followers to tweet the news to The Breakfast Club because she wants 2 Chainz to get Charlamagne’s ‘Donkey Of The Day.’

“I’m at my lawyers right now, finalizing the paperwork, be prepared for a civil lawsuit @hairweavekiller @caviardreamz_ you had no right do ruin my life and tarnish my image like this! Now you will both answer for it.

“I feel like @hairweavekiller should feel as much embarrassement as I have endured these last couple of days for what he has done to my life, he had no apologized publicly and tried to contact me privately. Everyone re post this at @breakfastclubam @cthagod @angelayee @djenvy because 2 chainz should be the #donkeyoftheday let’s get me on the breakfast club so I have a chance to tell my side of the story!

You’ll have a bit of a hard time finding her page because she had it “reset” due to the slander. “

“For the record I’m not a thot, I reset my account because I had family on it. Tauheed Epps aka 2 chainz you will definitely be hearing from my lawyer.”

Who is in the wrong here, 2 Chainz or Tina?

Photo Credit: YouTube