(NEWSER– More than half a million Southerners have been left without power after major sleet and snow that left North Carolina drivers stranded on icy roads yesterday—and now that storm system could bring more than a foot of snow to parts of the Northeast, the AP reports. In fact, forecasters are saying this could be the worst storm of the season so far for the already storm-weary Northeast. The latest:

  • The Philadelphia area could see a foot or more of snow; Washington, DC, and Boston are expecting about 8 inches; New York City is looking at 6 inches. (CNN has the much more alarming forecast of as many as 15 inches in New York.)
  • In DC, the storm has shut down the federal government, schools, bus service, and both area airports, theWashington Post reports. (Philadelphia and New Yorkare experiencing similar closures.) More than 4,400 flights have been canceled across the US today; more than 3,400 were canceled yesterday.
  • The weather has been blamed in at least 12 deaths in the South, including a number of traffic accidents and one man in Georgia who spent hours outside and died of hypothermia.

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