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All over Facebook, parents are posting the cutest photos of their little ones heading off to school.

(And we’re guessing that all over the house are used kleenex, from crying eyes at those same little ones growing up!)

Count Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson as one of those parents.

The stunner tells PEOPLE magazine at the VMAs that she was going to miss her 4-year-old son David Daniel as he goes off to preschool.

“Oh my God, he’s getting ready to start school. I’m going to miss him because he won’t be able to travel with me,” she said. “In his mind, anything previous was yesterday. So he was like, ‘Mommy, you took me with you yesterday,’ and I’m like, ‘I know, but you got to get ready for school now.’ So that’s the downside. He’s bound to home now.”


She also mentioned her son’s new favorite thing to do: work out with his dad, wrestler David Otunga.

“I woke up the other morning and he was doing leg ups in between two stools and push ups and lunges with his father,” she says. “I was like, ‘Really?’ It was so adorable.”

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