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So how are the world’s most famous newbie vegans doing?

Not so bad!

Beyonce and Jay Z - who are at the beginning of a 22 day vegan diet – are sharing what they’ve been feasting on.

The duo hung out at Real Food Daily - a restaurant that serves organic vegan cuisine—in Los Angeles on Tuesday, and a source tells E! News that “the couple were sweet together, affectionate, jolly and in a positive vibe,” and added, “They were gracious, humble and excited to be there to begin their first day of their 22-day plant-based cleanse. They were also very thankful for the service.”

On Thursday, they went for a birthday lunch for Jay at Cafe Gratitude in L.A.
So what have they been noshing on? This deliciousness below that Bey has shared on instagram! Think you could do this challenge now?