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Last night, Twitter was abuzz with people watching CrazySexyCool, the TLC biopic on VH1. And in between tweets about how awesome Lil Mama’s portrayal of Left Eye was, and hilarious tweets about Pebbles being sneaky, one celebrity’s posts stood out from the rest.

Keri Hilson and her girls took their love of the 90s girl group to new heights by dressing up like T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli. Specifically, Keri Hilson pulled off a rather remarkable T-Boz look, complete with the blonde wig, baggy khaki’s and wife beater tank. Shoot, Keri and her girls even put on silky PJs to recreate the “Creep” video.

Keri Tweeted:

To show some love, T-Boz responded to Keri and reposted the image saying, “How gorg do they look?”

So sweet!

Take a look at Keri’s transformation and her friends’ TLC-filled night.