Reports of R&B singer Raz B being in a coma over the weekend may not have been true. 

The former member B2K member was supposedly on life support following a nightclub brawl in China.  But the singer's manager, Elayne Rivers, now tells CNN  the "comments about Raz being in a coma did not come from his official representative." 

Raz's brother, who performs under the moniker Ricky Romance, is seconding Rivers' statement.  He says he was misled for "unknown reasons."  Explaining that he was unable to contact his brother, he says he reached out to a number of people to gather information. 

One of those sources apparently gave him the story about Raz being in a coma, which he didn't question because he believed the person was "legitimately reliable."  

While Raz B's manager says the reports of the coma are false, she did confirm that the singer did suffer minor injuries after a brawl erupted in the nightclub he was performing at in China.  

Photo Credit Getty Images