(Yahoo!) - Steve Harvey may have two beautiful homes in Chicago and Atlanta, a hit talk show, multiple best-sellers, and a job as the host of "Family Feud," but he admits that when he was first getting his start in the business in the '80s, he had nothing. Not even a roof over his head.

In an interview with People magazine, Harvey explains that after separating from his first wife, Marcia, he was living on a tight budget and sent any money he made home to his two children. He told the mag, "One or two gigs fell through, and suddenly I was homeless."

The funnyman revealed that he began living out of his 1976 Ford Tempo, using an Igloo cooler as a refrigerator, and he would wash up in gas stations or swimming pool showers. He told People, "It was so disheartening. A week is really the maximum you can do. This was three years! It was rock bottom. But even in my darkest days I had faith it would turn around."

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