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Wendy Williams is the latest celebrity to weigh in on the T.I. and Tiny Harris‘ troubled marriage.

The talk show host advised the couple to stop their public displays of discord or divorce.

“If what they’re trying to do is save their family brand by posting cryptic messages and not wearing wedding rings and fighting in the Fat Burger, it’s not working,” she said.

“I would suggest that they take all of this fighting between husband and wife off social media and work it out behind closed doors themselves.”

She went on to remind the famous couple that they should divorce if they can’t get along.

“That’s what civilized people would do. But, if you’re not going to work it out, there’s nothing wrong with a divorce,” she said.

She even offered Tiny some career advice for capitalizing on her crisis.

“Tiny I can see the new reality show: you and Shekinah take on the world,” she said.

“I wonder if it’s ‘Tiny: Single Again’ or if it’s ‘Tiny: Working It Out with the Help of Shekinah.’”