Couple's Therapy/Drama letter

"""Chris I have been in a relationship for just about 2 months, and he said that he loved me, but I am not there yet. It shocked me when he said this just 2 days ago while we out at dinner, and of course my response was not at all what he wanted to hear. It went something like, "really, you're so sweet" and the look on his face was confusion. I know mine was. Long story short, we went on with the night, but I think it ended earlier than what he originally planned. He said he had gotten tired and had to get up early anyway. UMMM, Ok! I like him, but certainly it isn't love. I called him today and it's seemingly different conversation. Any advice you or your followers can give would be appreciated. Please keep me anonymous and thanks."""

Wow!, dude has got to feel like the biggest sucker!
I'll give my advice, but if you have a comment, by all means, #GoIn