Fred Shuttlesworth

Fred Shuttlesworth was a Baptist Minister who was one of the top leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, working with Martin Luther King Jr. and the SCLC. Born on March 18, 1922, in Mount Meigs, Alabama, Fred Shuttlesworth was a Baptist minister and one of the South's most prominent Civil Rights leaders. He worked closely with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., co-founding the SCLC and organizing direct-action protests in Birmingham, refusing to waver even after multiple attacks. Shuttlesworth became pastor of Birmingham's Bethel Baptist Church in 1953. After the Brown v. Board of Education ruling, he was further inspired to actively participate in the growing Civil Rights Movement. He called for the hiring of African-American police officers and, with the outlawing of the NAACP in his home state, Shuttlesworth established the Alabama Christian Movement for Human Rights in 1956.  Also a community activist in Cincinnati, he died on October 5, 2011.


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Fred L. Shuttlesworth holding press conference after bombing of church.  (Photo by Burton Mcneely/The LIFE Images Collection/Getty Images)


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