A group of generous UPS workers in Alabama recently showed one co-worker what brown can do for him.

19-year-old Derrick Taylor has been working at UPS for a year-and-a-half unloading vans for less than $12 an hour. He's taking care of his sick mother and walks five miles to and from work everyday. And he starts his shift at 4:00 in the morning.

Derrick's co-workers have offered him lifts, but he's too proud to accept help, so he continued to walk 10 miles a day. But he won't have to much longer.

His co-workers all decided to chip in and buy him his own set of wheels. They called him out into the parking lot and praised him for his hard work. Then, one of Derrick's instructors handed him a set of keys to a used Jeep Cherokee and told him it's all his. The emotional moment was caught on video.

Derrick says he hopes the vehicle will help him in his career. He said, "I wanna move up at UPS and become a driver and with the money I make as a driver I want to invest into something profitable. I really wanna go to school and get a degree in business and music engineering." (

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