A British police officer recently finished the London Marathon in a very unspectacular time of six days. But to be fair, he didn't exactly run or even walk the course. He crawled it, on his hands and knees, and wearing a gorilla costume.

41-year-old Tom Harrison did it for charity. He was raising money for The Gorilla Organization, which supports gorilla conservation and aims to protect the species. 

Harrison, who calls himself "Mr. Gorilla," crawled a little more than four miles a day and crashed at friends' houses along the race course. At some points in his 26.2 mile crawlathon he was accompanied by his two young sons, who also wore gorilla costumes.

When he finally crossed the finish line, his efforts had raise more than $42,000, which is a lot more than the $1,900 he had hoped to raise.

Next for Harrison is the 100-mile Ride London bicycle race, which he plans to do in a gorilla costume. (The Guardian



A college football player, who earned a lot of fans around the country for a play he actually made off the field, has finally received some good news after a week of disappointment and heartbreak.

Florida State wide receiver Travis Rudolph went viral last year after a photograph was shared on social media showing him eating lunch with an autistic boy at his middle school. 

Rudolph and some of his teammates visited the school to spend some time with students in the cafeteria when he noticed one boy, Bo Paske, sitting by himself. So Rudolph grabbed a couple of slices of pizza and joined him for lunch. The gesture ended up having a huge impact on Bo and especially Bo's mother, who was brought to tears by the touching gesture.

Last week, Bo and his family were rooting for Rudolph to be selected in the NFL Draft, but his name was never called. It was a heartbreaking finish to a tragic week for Rudolph who, just days earlier, lost his father who was killed in an accidental shooting.

But Rudolph is getting another chance to realize his dream. Though he was not drafted, he was signed as a free agent by the New York Giants and will get a chance to make the team this summer. (CBS News)



The owner of one of England’s oldest dogs – a 23-year-old former shelter dog named Charlie – has spoken up and shared the secrets of Charlie’s longevity.

64-year-old owner Stuart Smith says the secret to his dog's long life is being completely and utterly adored, calling Charlie a “spoiled lad.”

Stuart adopted Charlie from a shelter in 2010 when Charlie was “only” 16 years old.

Since then, he’s allowed Charlie to do whatever he wants. Charlie snoozes in his bed and enjoys tasty treats each day.

Despite being 112 dog years old, Charlie is – remarkably -- still going strong. While he can’t run around like he used to, he still enjoys short walks in the fresh air.

He’s also surrounded by two other dogs at home – 12-year-olds Lucy and Zack – who like to keep him company.

Stuart says he feels privileged to have been able to offer Charlie a happy home in his later life – and says it’s all been well worth it because Charlie brings the family so much joy. (Express)

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