Best Little Whorehouse in Omaha


An Omaha, Nebraska man is in a lot of trouble after he allegedly hired prostitutes to strip on his neighbor's porch while he sat and watched from his house across the street.

45-year-old Douglas Goldsberry is sitting in jail on a felony pandering charge. Investigators say this wasn't just a one-time thing. He has apparently done it at least 75 times over the past four years. Sometimes the neighbors are home and sometimes they're not. The couple who live in the house with their two young kids say they're usually alerted by a knock on the door, pimps peering into their windows, or women asking to be paid.

Police responded to a call from the neighbors reporting two topless women on their porch. Information that police obtained from the women eventually led them to Goldsberry. If convicted, he could get up to four years in prison. (Omaha World-Herald)


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