Officer Buys Groceries For Mom Caught Stealing Food For Infant: 'I Felt So Grateful'                                                      Officer Buys Groceries For Mom Caught Stealing Food For Infant: 'I Felt So Grateful': The pair now talk daily.© Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. The pair now talk daily. 

An Alabama teenage mother received a special gift from a police officer after she stole groceries last year in order to feed her family. 



Sheena Davenport, 18, and her family fell on hard times and decided to steal from a local store's buffet in order to eat for the next few days. Davenport said she had her infant daughter Skylar in mind. 

“We were struggling. This is our first time ever being out on our own, me and my boyfriend. His job wasn’t making enough at the time,” Davenport told InsideEdition.com. “It was dinner time and we had gone to Walmart to see what we could get. It ended up not being enough and we needed dinner for the next two nights.”

But, on their way out, the couple was caught with the hot food they'd taken and were both arrested. 

“I had never been in trouble before. I had never done anything like that. I was scared,” Davenport said. 

Last Monday, Davenport went to plead guilty to theft in the fourth degree, but what she wasn’t expecting was a kind-hearted police officer to change the day around.  

Officer Katrina Culbreath, of the Dothan Police Department, was in the court room during the hearing and asked Davenport why she'd resorted to stealing.

“I told her it was for my daughter. She told me to meet her outside after court was done,” Davenport said. “She told me to get into my car and follow her patrol car. We ended up at the grocery store. I started crying. I realized she was going to buy food for me and my family.”

Davenport said Culbreath paid for $130 worth of groceries for her family. 

“I felt so grateful that she was sent to help me. I started crying. I felt someone was looking out for me and my little family. I kept hugging her,” Davenport said. 

Since Culbreath's the selfless gesture, Davenport said the two have kept in touch daily. 

“There’s still good people out in the world and officers are still here to protect and serve. We are totally blessed by it,” Davenport said.

Police dog heading home after taking bullet for partner                                                      Casper's gunshot wound was still visible as he headed home.: casper2.png© PBSO handout casper2.png 

A heroic police dog that was shot in the line of duty is heading home, one day after taking a bullet for his partner in South Florida.


K-9 Officer Casper "has done wonderful[ly]" and "is walking fairly well, all things considered," veterinarian Michele Tucker said in a video released by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office (PBSO).

Casper was shot on Friday in Jupiter, Florida, after PBSO deputies encountered 46-year-old Philip O'Shea, who was wanted in North Carolina in connection with a robbery. O'Shea had an extensive criminal history and tried to flee from the officers, CBS affiliate WPEC-TV reported.

Sheriff Ric Bradshaw said the deputies pursued O'Shea, who crashed his vehicle. O'Shea exchanged gunfire with the officers and was killed in the ensuing gunfight.

Casper was struck in the firefight, taking a bullet meant for his partner, Bradshaw said. He was taken into surgery Friday, earning praise for his heroism from users across social media.

The PBSO said Saturday that Casper was well enough to go home. The office released a video showing Casper emerging from his pen with a protective cone around his neck, his gunshot wound clearly visible on his hind leg.


"Casper came into us last night after suffering a gunshot wound in the left hip. He was stable when he arrived. Once we determined that the bullet had not harmed any internal organs, we proceeded to remove the bullet surgically," said Tucker, a vet with the Palm Beach Veterinary Specialists.

pdog2.png© Provided by CBS Interactive Inc. pdog2.png                                               

The PBSO says Casper is trained to detect bombs and works as a SWAT and patrol dog. The office also notes his service record includes stints protecting the president.  

"He has recovered well from anesthesia. He's on antibiotics," Tucker continued. "We're just happy that this is not a significant trauma and thankful that he's done well and appreciative for all that he's done for the county

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