GUCCI MANE: Throwback Piano Bar Set

              gucciGuwop and Zaytoven teamed up for a one-night-only event in New York City. 

Gucci Mane put on a one-of-a-kind performance for one-night-only in New York City this week.

Guwop and producer Zaytoven teamed up to perform an intimate "throwback piano bar"-style set as part of Red Bull Music Academy's month-long city residency. Gucci rapped songs from throughout his career -- from recent hits to throwbacks like “So Icy” -- on a vintage mic while Zay played piano, electric piano and organ. Zaytoven mostly improvised on top of recorded beats, but for “First Day Out,” they pulled the backing track completely out to create a unique effect.

You can check out a performance of the entire set on YouTube


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