Study Ranks Most Hipster Cities in the U.S.

MoveHub releases list of most hipster cities across the world

MoveHub releases list of most hipster cities across the world

If you're looking to dust off the wire-frame glasses and pack up your locally sourced, vintage mason jars that you eat and drink everything out of to a new city, good news! MoveHub has looked at 446 cities across 20 countries to find out which one is the most hipster city in the world.  

How does one figure out how hipster a city is? Well, MoveHub used five data points which included: 

  • Number of Vegan eateries*
  • coffee shops*
  • tattoo studios*
  • vintage boutiques*
  • record stores*

(*Per 100,000 residents)

The site combined and weighted the five data points to come up with the Hipster Index of a city. Using that score, they began the process to determine who would take the title in 2018 (pretty sure the title also comes with a used flower crown from Coachella). 

Some of the names on this list won't surprise you. For example, Portland is so famous for being a hipster haven that spawned a popular series on IFC named after it. But surprisingly, the City of Roses only ranked #2 on the list of hipster cities worldwide. Portland was beaten out for the number 1 spot by one-thousandth of a percent (better luck next year). 

The number one spot goes to a place so obscure you've probably never heard of it. According to science, Brighton and Hove in the United Kingdom scores highest worldwide as the most hipster city ever. 

Perhaps one surprising entry in the top five was Salt Lake City, Utah, a place, if we're being honest, is not the first place you'd expect a hipster haven. 

The top five were: 

  1. Brighton and Hove - U.K.
  2. Portland, Oregon - USA
  3. Salt Lake City, Utah - USA
  4. Seattle, Washington - USA
  5. Lisbon - Portugal

You can see the full list of hipster cities (if you're into that sort of thing) here

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