Saweetie Reveals She's Ready For A Baby, But Doesn't Have A Man Yet

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Saweetie is ready to go from grind mode to mom mode. From hosting the 2021 Europe Music Awards, to landing a show on Netflix the Icy Girl's career catapulted to a new level this year --- but baby fever has in fact caught up to her. The rapper, who took the stage at Power 105.1's annual Powerhouse concert on Sunday, gushed about her desire to have a little bundle of joy soon.

When Radio Personality Nyla Symone asked Saweetie if fans should expect a new album on the way, the Sex: Unzipped host shared:

"An album, a baby. I want a baby. I don't have a man. I'm just ready. I'm getting older, I don't hide my age. I know I'm young. I'm very young. But let's be real, I want to pop that s*** out, and I want to snapback. [But] we gotta find the right man first who knows how to ******* communicate."

As for her upcoming debut album Pretty B**** Music, which was initially slated to be released in June, Saweetie shared that she's rapping up the finishing touching on the project, saying:

"It's almost done. Shot out to all the producers. Shot out to 1500. We're trying to curate something really special. This is my coming out. I have to get very serious."

Before taking the stage to host the EMA's this year, the star shared more info about her album:

“It’s dropping soon. Honestly, it was a body of work with no soul. So right now, I’m working on the details because I really want the world to feel me.”

In the meantime, catch Saweetie featured on the soundtrack to Halle Berry's directorial debut film Bruised, along with Cardi B, H.E.R. and more.

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