Viral Video Shows Asian Store Owner Digging Hands In Black Model's Pockets

Photo: Getty Images

A Black woman captured the disturbing moment an Asian beauty supply owner dug through her pockets in a racial profiling incident many of us experience far too often.

"My intuition already told me to leave but I guess I needed this experience," Megan Milan, the model who was profiled, captioned the now-viral video, using the hashtag #livingwhileblack. The video starts showing the Asian woman's hands inside of the model's coat pockets, before zooming out to show the store cashier calmly walking back towards the register.

"You guys, I've been in this store looking, and this lady just came and checked my pockets," Milan, who is signed to NTA and MMG modeling agencies, says in the video. "There's obviously nothing in them," she adds before walking out of the store to show the name and location.

"You didn't come up to any other person ... I was going to spend money with her until she decided to racially profile me," she added.

"I'm the only Black person in the store," Megan says to the woman who starts to argue back. At one point, the woman says, "I'm Asian," to which Megan replies, "You're Asian. You're not Black."

The woman later says "I'm sorry. I really don't care," when the video ends.

Since posting the incident, the video has gotten more than 7.5k likes on Instagram and over 329k times on TikTok. People have "review-bombed" the shop –– going online and giving the store low ratings and bad reviews.

"I normally only buy black and this is one of the many reasons why," Milan wrote on TikTok.

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