GloRilla Defends Herself After Claiming People Can't Find Love In The Club


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GloRilla found herself in the middle of another viral debate after she claimed that people can't find love in the club.

On Wednesday, November 30, Big Glo finally made her way to The Breakfast Club following all of her newfound success. During their conversation, DJ Envy brought up one of their previous topics which centered around her thoughts about finding a soul mate at a nightclub. After she warned women that they'd be mistreated by guys in the club, the CMG rapper explained what she really meant but refused to backtrack on her stance.

"I'm saying its a chance," GloRilla replied when asked if people can find love in the club. "But I was really speaking on me being from Memphis. I really don't go to clubs and when I did go to clubs it was in Memphis, but I got dried out on clubs. When you go in the club, you see the same people and they just in there standing around and what they doing? Lookin' for the hoes."

Their conversation eventually shifted to her recent EP Anyways, Life's Great..., her popular track "Tomorrow 2" with Cardi B and how she's been treated by other women in Hip-Hop. Later on, the crew also brought up her past issues with "F.N.F" producer HitKidd. After they engaged in an intense back-and-forth on social media recently, GloRilla told Envy and Charlamagne that they were both cool now.

"Everything is everything fosho," she said. "We from Memphis. We straight."

See GloRilla's debut appearance on The Breakfast Club below.

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