Pusha T Denounces Kanye West's 'Hate Speech': 'It's Definitely Affected Me'

Pusha T and Kanye West

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Pusha T has staunchly defended his close friend Kanye West for years despite all the controversy he's been involved with. However, it appears as though he's reaching his limit.

During an interview the Los Angeles Times published on Monday, November 28, the Clipse rapper admitted how he really felt about Ye's recent anti-Semitic comments. Although he did credit Ye for providing creative freedom, Pusha T told the outlet that his comments about Jewish people "definitely affected" him. The former Def Jam artist, who collaborated with Ye on "Diet Coke" earlier this year, said there's no room for any type of bigotry or hate speech.

"Creatively, Ye has meant freedom to me," Pusha T told the L.A. Times. "A lot of times, people would try to get me to change certain things about my process, change certain things about me lyrically, change certain things about the content. He never has been like that. He always saw me for who I was and knew how to take it to the next level."

"It’s definitely affected me," Pusha T said in response to a question about Ye's recent behavior. "It’s been disappointing. As a Black man in America, there is no room for bigotry or hate speech. So yeah. It’s been very disappointing, let’s talk straight."

The Virginia native hasn't been extremely vocal against Ye's bigoted tirade on social media and during interviews. However, Push is just the latest artist in Ye's circle of talented friends who've spoken up about his antics. Kid Cudi, who worked with West on various projects, cut ties with him after Ye dragged him into his beef with Pete Davidson earlier this year. After he debuted 'White Lives Matter' t-shirts and went on anti-Semitic rants, various brands like adidas, JPMorgan Chase and other brands also terminated their partnerships with him.

Ye hasn't necessarily lost all of his celebrities friends just yet. Last year, he made up with Drake following their longstanding beef and reunited with JAY-Z on "Jail" which appeared to end their five-year rift.

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